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Assembling a Regional Team
Organizing a quality professional learning event for a large multi-stakeholder group is no small feat, which is why it requires assembling a team of committed people to get the job done.
A core component of Seasons of CS, taken from the Summer of CS theory of action, is to deliver CS professional learning regionally. This is in service of providing access to local educators, minimizing travel (when applicable), customizing professional learning content based on regional needs, and maintaining a scale that can meet unique (and perhaps limited) demand. For 2023, the California County Office of Education system will be utilized to offer professional learning to educators in seven distinct regions.
7 California regions to offer Seasons of CS
For each of the seven regions, teams of classified, certificated, and management professionals are encouraged to collaborate to deliver regional CS professional learning beginning in June 2023. For up to 1440 hours, team members may fulfill the following roles:
Project Director
Curriculum/Content Specialist
Event Coordinator
Support Staff for Logistics
Communications, Marketing, and Design Specialist
Finance Manager
Technology Support
Research/Evaluation Team
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