Building the Team

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Just because feedback generally is asked for at the end of a PD, it doesn’t mean that research and evaluation should be brought in at the end, either. By having the Research and Evaluation teamwork in hand-in-hand with rest of team provides clarity to the goals of PD, and allows those goals to be reflected in what is being evaluated.


  1. Work with rest of team to establish goals and understand what can be learned from the event

  2. Develop surveys and interview protocols

  3. Develop consent forms and practices

  4. Coordinate with IRB to approve protocols and consent forms

  5. Administer, collect, and store consent forms

  6. Coordinate the audio/video recording of researched moments (if applicable)

  7. Coordinate the field observation of researched moments (if applicable)

  8. Coordinate necessary interviews (if applicable)

  9. Analyze findings

  10. Disseminate findings to team and larger audience