Managing Logistics

    1. Selecting a location

      1. Types of hosting facilities

        1. Hosting at a district/COE

          1. Offers low-cost/no-cost meeting spaces

          2. Implicit messaging that the focus was on the K-12 community

        2. Hosting at a college or university

          1. Lends some focus to postsecondary priorities

          2. May offer residential summer experience

            1. Pathfinder Conference at Indiana

            2. Colorado School of Mines

        3. Community college

      2. Parking

        1. Is it available?

        2. How much is it?

      3. Is it accessible?

      4. Centrally located?

      5. Near key stakeholders?

    2. Create a “Road Map” for participants

      1. The Road Map can be provided to attendees 4 weeks before the event

      2. It can be created on a Google Doc and embedded into the Summer of CS main site to allow for quick edits and updates

      3. It details logistics such as

        1. What to bring

        2. What to wear

        3. Where to stay and group rates (this information should be available when submitting the interest form, but also included here)

        4. How to get there

        5. Location of registration and help desk

        6. Agenda and Meeting Rooms

        7. Parking Information

        8. WiFi Information

        9. What meals are provided

        10. Information on planned group excursions

        11. What other things are available to do in the local area for fun

        12. Accessibility and special needs

        13. Local hospital/ER and Urgent Care

    3. Coordinating with facilitators

      1. Organize an online meeting with facilitators four weeks before the event to be able to answer any questions, prevent any complications, and introduce everyone.

        1. Clarify the Summer of CS all group activities and how they may impact the individual workshops in regards to timing and content

      2. Event coordinator should not be a facilitator

        1. Someone who has facilitated CS education PDs previously may be more clued into the needs of teachers and other facilitators and may be well-suited to coordinating the entire PD week

        2. However, there are too many moving parts for the event coordinator to also simultaneously be a facilitator of a workshop

    4. Registration System

      1. What a freaking mess!

      2. Hope - Interested educators express interest in an Interest Form/Application and then are invited to register for the respective workshop.

        1. Points awarded for teams/rubric

        2. Send letter to principal

        3. Keep track of all interest/applications regardless of provider

        4. Don’t use Go Sign Me Up!

        5. Robust interest form that makes it very clear that it’s not a registration form