Promoting the Event

    1. Choosing a Theme

      1. Connect to a related nostalgic event in the summer.

    2. Collateral Materials and Logo Design

      1. Internal logo design

      2. Collateral materials designed using free web-based tools (Slides)

        1. Templates for presentations, etc.

    3. Website

      1. Created in the new Google Sites

      2. Custom domain name is an important part of the brand.

    4. Timeline

      1. August

      2. September

      3. October

      4. November

      5. December

      6. January

      7. February

      8. March

      9. April

      10. May

      11. June

    5. Recruitment Strategy

      1. How to encourage teams?

        1. Build out a messaging strategy/one-pager communicated the benefits of team participation and priority registration

          1. Discount?

      2. Social Media

        1. Twitter

          1. Leverage existing district or county accounts to tap into existing followers

          2. Create a #SummerofCS-style hashtag and use it on all promotional materials and emails

          3. Connect with partners (, ECS, NCWIT, etc.) to promote

          4. Preemptively write tweets and schedule them for distribution, incIuding graphics to promote clickthroughs and retweets

      3. Email

        1. County/district distribution lists

        2. Previous PD participants

        3. State Department of Education distribution lists

      4. Word of Mouth

        1. 27% of attendees indicated on the exit survey that they heard of Summer of CS through word of mouth (more than any other method). Make sure to let all of your contacts know about this exciting event!

    6. Communications Strategy

      1. Public Relations

        1. Utilize internal services

          1. Sample press release

      2. Marketing

        1. Hiring a company EARLY