Requirements and Considerations

The vision for the Seasons of CS/Summer of CS initiative is was centered on two key beliefs:
  1. 1.
    CS education opportunities should be made available to all students, especially those underrepresented in computing.
  2. 2.
    Educators are professionals that deserve a high-quality event.
These beliefs should help guide teams in decision-making and event planning.our decision-making processes as a team and guided the structure of the event.

The Summer of CS is a week-long professional learning offering that consists of six different workshops, made available to five different audiences (elementary, middle, and high school teachers, counselors, and administrators), coming from all over the state of California (and even from other states). These factors make it a complicated event to host, and it takes several months and human hours to pull off. So why should a district or county office of education do this? Here are some reasons expressed by past Summer of CS hosting partners:

"Our belief in the need for scaling of quality CS education for students of all demographics across California was the main driver in developing this PD."

"The Summer of CS brought teachers, administrators, and counselors from across the state of California (as well as outside of the state). It brought visibility to SCOE, demonstrating our dedication to CS education and our capability in delivering quality PD."

"The revenue generated from the Summer of CS provided funds that allow us to continue supporting our county in growing CS education.”

The process of selecting the Summer of CS workshop offerings for the Summer of CS is deliberate to include a workshop for each grade band identified in the California K-12 Computer Science Standards. Larger CSPDWeek events have included a multitude of workshops. While this supports teacher agency and subject integration, a regional workshop must plan to serve a finite number of teachers. Recognizing there are numerous, high-quality curriculum and professional learning providers, a process to select a single workshop for a given grade band is difficult. Event organizers should consider a provider’s commitment to equity, alignment to the California K-12 Computer Science Standards, and the California Quality Professional Learning Standards, when selecting a workshop.

  • Schools and Teams
  • Number of Professional Learning Days
  • Grade-band Focus
  • Delivery Model
  • Access for All Educators in California
  • What does Summer of CS look like?
  • Grant Proposal - 700 Teachers (450 6-12 + 250 K-12)
  • Recruitment
    • Recruiting schools (minimum - 1 admin and 2 educators) to participate as teams
    • Lily has run a few budget scenarios that could be reviewed
  • Finite # of Weeks
  • List of Partners
  • # of days for workshops
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